Snaptiva – Consumer Retail

For Snaptiva, an innovative company in the Home Design and Fashion arena, we built an iPhone and iPad front end to their online service that allows users to build collections of items they love based on snapshots and color-driven searches through a huge database of products and other user’s snapshots.

Snaptiva is a mobile style assistant that uses patented color-coordination technology to allow you to:

  • take a snapshot of anything that inspires you
  • search millions of products from retailers like Nordstrom, Macy’s and Pottery Barn
  • get recommendations for color-coordinating fashion and home design products
  • create a look based on harmonious color schemes

Simply snap a photo of a dress and Snaptiva finds you the perfect coordinating shoes, handbags and accessories. Decorate a room by snapping a picture of your favorite painting and Snaptiva does the rest.

Key Features:

  • Camera based app using advanced features to get the color right
  • Search 500,000 + images based on color characteristics
  • Intuitive navigation schemes

Key Technologies:

  • Universal (iPad / iPhone) app
  • Web API integration using SOAP
  • Camera and filtering

Key Screen Shots