Energy Technology Savings – Energy

For ETS Emerald, an innovative energy management company focused on NYC apartment buildings, we built an iPhone/iPad app the reports to users the status of temperature, moisture and movement sensors placed in apartments and common areas. The app and sensor networks will help building managers with monitoring and maintenance issues.

The Senzorz app provides alerts, status and data about an apartment building’s temperature, humidity levels, door access and other key data points required by building managers.

The Senzorz app can send you emails or tweets, notify you on your smartphone or tablets, and record the time and date, etc., when each tagged item has been moved even only slightly, and when each door has been opened or closed. Temperature monitoring, logging, out of range notification, and other features come standard on each Senzorz tag.

Key Features:

  • Quick set-up
  • Sensor information at a glance
  • Sensor status control
  • Drill down into historical information
  • Settings management

Key Technologies:

  • iOS Client Code
  • API integration
  • HTML Charting

Key Screen Shots