Freedom$ – Financial Services

For Hearts and Wallets, an highly sought after Financial Services research company based in Boston, we designed and developed the Freedom$ iOS app that incorporates a new way of thinking about retirement savings discovered by the study of thousands of successful savers.

At its heart, the Freedom$ Plan is a pathway to saving 10 times your income in investable assets. While there are more exact financial models to calculate what you need from retirement, no one would argue that 10 times is a bad goal – especially for those who are far away from any savings. The Freedom$ Plan is then unique in that it uses the wisdom of everyday people who have achieved this goal to layout a doable pathway.

Key Features:

  • A simple way to see where you stand compared to peers
  • Learn from from people who achieved success through video and audio testimonials
  • A planning tool to help you commit to certain behaviors that are likely to work
  • Specific daily, monthly, and one-time actions with reminders to execute plan elements
  • Ability to work with spouse and family members together on your plan
  • Access to a broader community for support and encouragement

Key Technologies:

  • iOS Client Code
  • Kinvey Backend
  • Video / audio streaming
  • pdf Report Generator
  • One to one messaging

Key Screen Shots