EYC Wins Halloween Team Race

With Hurricane Sandy looming and the memory losing to Boston last year still on their minds, Eastern Yacht Club came into the Halloween Team Race ready to do battle with both the elements and the competition. When the announcement was made that the regatta would be shortened to one day, the team knew that there would be very little margin for error, and after a tough first two races in light wind in the morning, the team was feeling a bit deflated. However, when the they rotated back into the boats for the afternoon, the team raised all parts of its game and won its next five races with a combination of good starts, speed, and fantastic communication across the race course. Surviving the round robin with a record of 5-2, Eastern comfortably qualified for the final four. As the sun began to set and the breeze lightened for the final round, Team EYC posted wins against Vineyard Haven and Noroton before matching up with Bristol for the last race. When Eastern and Bristol met earlier in the day during the round robin, the race had come down to an umpire call at the finish line, so both teams knew that this final race of the regatta would be a tough match. After an exciting start, good work balancing the pairs upwind, and a successful pick at the windward mark, Eastern headed downwind with a stable 1-2 and was able to maintain that controlling position and go on to win the race. With an overall record of 8-2, Eastern Yacht Club claimed victory and the Boardman Bowl for the first time.

The team would like to thank all the people who helped put on such a fantastic event, especially event chair Beanie Eissner, and hopes that this year’s victory begins a tradition at the Halloween Team Race. Congratulations to Tomas Hornos, Scott Alexander, Martha Altreuter, Jen Lambertz, Larry Ehrhardt, Matt Hooks, Debbie Noble, Gretchen Curtis, Spencer Powers, Sam Altreuter, John Boyle, and Megan Watson!

Eastern YC 3rd at London’s Cumberland Cup

This is not app related, but important to Ballast Lane nonetheless!

A team of eight sailors from Marblehead made the journey to London last week to represent the Eastern in the Cumberland Cup hosted by the Royal Thames Yacht Club. The bi-annual event is considered the premier two on two team racing event in the world drawing teams from the US, UK, and Australia.

Sailing for Eastern were Larry Ehrhardt of Ballast Lane Applications (captain), Steve Dalton, Beanie Eissner, Sam Foster, Chris Hutchinson, Charlie Pendleton, Spencer Powers (former consultant to Ballast Lane Apps), and Megan Watson.

The teams sailed a double round robin to select the finalists. New York Yacht Club led at the end of round robin sailing with Eastern and Seawanhaka facing each other in a one race sail off for a spot in the finals. The race was epic.

Quoting from the Financial Times article on the regatta:

“The race took around 25 mins with frequent lead changes, luffing matches and tactical mark roundings. The team from Seawanhaka grabbed victory on the final leg and earned their place in the final against New York YC. “ Read the full Financial Times article about the regatta here.

Quoting from the NYYC write-up:

“[The race] proved to be one of the most exciting 2-on-2 matches anyone had ever seen. Race 45 lasted nearly 25 minutes and saw the teams sailing each other away from the next mark or the finish line on nearly every leg of the course. Eventually, it was won at the finish line by Seawanhaka.”

New York clinched the finals two to zero in a well deserved victory.

In addition to the excellent sailing on the Queen Mary Reservoir near Heathrow airport, the team enjoyed a packed social schedule in downtown London. On Thursday regatta participants were hosted by the Duke of York at St. James Palace at a “once in a lifetime” royal reception. On Saturday, the team attended the regatta dinner and presented a team skit for the host judges.