Meter Data Portal

Energy Technology Savings is now collecting live meter data from internet connected Lexus power meters.

The Ballast Lane Applications developed, node-based backend is collecting data from these meters every 15 seconds to present to users and display a variety of data to building administrators to help make better decisions about electricity usage.  The meters provide a wealth of information in XML format that the backend parses and then crunches based on ETS’s insights into what building managers need to see.

We also deployed a front-end to display the data on both browsers and inside ETS’s mobile applications.

About Energy Technology Savings: Smart Building Primary Care Engineering and Technologies

ETS is an energy technology, behavior management, and smart building services provider. Integration of our products and services in large multi-family and mixed use properties materially reduces energy expenditures, enables Wi-Fi connectivity, improves building operations and increases Net Operating Income and Net Asset Value

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