Provant Launches Humology Apps Built by Ballast Lane Applications

Provant launched mobile versions of their industry-leading Humology participant portal for iOS and Android this month.   Executing on their mobile-first strategy to bring features to all devices accessed by employees participating in Provant’s corporate wellness programs.

The project included a detailed design to determine how to re-use as many assets as possible and focus development on the views that really benefit from native mobile development.  The team focused on data-entry intensive scenarios and initial on-boarding experience levering existing API’s.l

We are continuing to support the Provant team with mobile app development and web portal design services.

About Provant

Provant, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hooper Holmes, Inc., is a national leader in comprehensive workplace well-being solutions with a growing, global presence. Provant partners with employers and brokers to improve member health and productivity and support healthcare cost management. Provant touches millions of lives by delivering customized well-being strategies and services on-site, telephonically and digitally, utilizing advanced data management technology.

To learn more, you can check out Provant at


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