Ballast Lane Integrates Green Button Data into Emissions Information App

Ballast Lane Applications and Emissions Information, Inc. have partnered to incorporate Green Button consumer energy consumption data into EI’s Power Advisor app for the Energy Department’s American Energy Data Challenge.

The power advisor app provides a five day forecast on when electricity in your zip code is most clean (lowest CO2 emissions rate) based on the power generation sources engaged at the time. This information is not available to consumers anywhere else and helps them make choices about when to use discretionary electricity to reduce their carbon footprint.

So far, there are two versions of the app available one released for NRG Residential Solutions Customers and the other available to other potential users with an in app purchase option to gain access to all the functionality.

The version submitted to the energy app challenge incorporates hourly usage data to give users an exact picture of their electricity usage and resulting CO2 generated. Users can also see there average electricity consumption by hour per month and how much they use during “cleaner” and “dirtier” times. It is a great step forward and helps user understand the impact their choices make on the environment.

The EI Server pulls in the hourly energy usage data (currently sandbox data) and combines the data with emission intensity data from the EI warehouse to serve the app with the information it needs for each view.  Customer data is then added to save commitments and generate push messages to remind users of their commitments.

Screenshots from the app below show the dashboard, snap shot of your monthly CO2 and detailed hour by hour analysis of your consumption vs. your peers who are using the app.

DashboardCO2 For UserEI App

Please enter a comment below if you would like to be alerted when Green Button data enabled apps go live for your region.

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